Banii sunt o reprezentare si un mijloc. Reprezinta o valoare, nu sunt valoare si constituie mijloc de actiune, nu pot inlocui actiunea! Money is a representation and a means. It represents value, it is not value in and of itself and constitutes a means towards taking action, it cannot replace action.

Au si caracteristica de ¨ drog ¨, in cantitati foarte mici te pot bine dispune dar daca maresti doza sau devii dependent iti creeaza lumi paralele in care fericirea este doar o senzatie de moment si din care trezirea te arunca intr-o lume mai urata si mai dureroasa decat realitatea !  Dezintoxicarea este grea, cu multa suferinta si accesibila doar caracterelor foarte puternice. Caracterele slabe nu mai au scapare, sfarsesc in dezumanizare!             Cei ce-si pun scopul vietii in bani fie ii dobandesc si ajung la dependenta suportand toate consecintele acesteia fie isi consuma propria viata si a acelor din jur zbatandu-se si platind preturi enorme pentru a-si alimenta speranta intr-o iluzie ! Money also has the characteristic of a “drug”, in very small quantities it can lift up your mood but if the dosage is increased or you become addicted, it creates a parallel world in which happiness is only a passing, momentary sensation whereupon waking up from the haze of this experience, you are thrown into an uglier, more painful world than reality! Rehabilitation is difficult, achieved with great suffering and only truly accessible to those with very strong characters.  Weak characters have no escape and end up in a state of dehumanization!Those who think that money is value, and transform it into a purpose, can either attain it, become addicted, bearing the consequences or consume their own lives and the lives of those around them, paying huge prices in order to fuel their hope in an illusion!


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