Despre ierarhii si “egalitatea femeii cu barbatul” / On hierarchies and the equality of men and women

Am purtat o discutie foarte interesanta cu fiul meu despre modul cum un barbat este foarte inclinat a se supune ierarhiilor.  Face acest lucru cu usurinta, ca pe ceva de la sine inteles (chiar daca nu a facut armata) caci raman undeva in gena sa anii istorici de razboaie.O femeie se supune ierarhiilor ? Nu prea…doar intr-o masura.

Putem sa scriem carti si sa emitem teorii imbecile de genul « femeia este egala cu barbatul » dar in realitate femeia nu va fi niciodata egala cu barbatul fiindca sunt « creatii » diferite, necomparabile !

Nu este un lucru rau acesta, din punctul meu de vedere este chiar placut 🙂 !

Ganditi-va ca la o reuniune formata in majoritate din barbati, intrevederile respecta programari si ierarhii dar, daca exista si o femeie este greu de presupus ca aceasta va astepta la rand sau nu va reusi sa poarte discutiile pe care le va dori, cu cine va dori !

Exista rare exceptii binenteles, menite sa intareasca regula … cand cei in cauza nu se mai simt in primul rand barbati!

I had a very interesting conversation with my son about the way in which a  man is inclined accept or submit to hierarchies.  A man does this easily and considers it a natural thing, takes it as a given  (even men outside of the military) for  within this genes there still remains the memory of the countless conflicts and wars of history.Does a woman submit to hierarchy? Not really … or only to some degree.

We can write books and put out imbecile theories on how “women are equal to men” but in reality women will never be equal to man simply because they are different “creations” and cannot be compared!
This is not a bad thing, from my point of view it is actually pleasant.
Imagine a  meeting formed mostly by men. Their meetings will respect proper form and hierarchy, however if   there is also a woman present, it is hard to imagine that she will wait “her turn” or not manage to have the discussions she wants with whom she wants.
There are of course exceptions, which only help to strengthen the rule … when those in question no longer feel they are men.



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