Marketa poate sa personifice patria ei!
Asa o vad eu. Imi dau seama ca toate femeile despre care am scris pe blogul meu, pe langa calitatile lor care m-au facut sa le admir sunt si foarte frumoase. Marketa este cea mai deosebita tanara pe care am cunoscut-o. Cu o inteligenta ascutita, cu seriozitate si responsabilitate in tot ceea ce face in profesie, cu forta a deciziei, toate acestea manifestate cu umanitate si feminitate, intr-o eleganta a corpului si a miscarii, ma duc cu gandul ca nu s-a nascut in era care trebuie.
Am mai scris acest lucru pe blog, criza mondiala in care ne zbatem are origini ideologice, nu economice caci criza in sine nu este o « situatie reala de criza » ci o perpetua criza de isterie generata de prea multe bucati de hartie pe care scrie « Master » !
Nu mai selectam ceea ce trebuie, confortul la care s-a ajuns in societate ne-a facut sa ne pierdem simturile iar unul dintre aceste simturi este « simtul valorii »
Marketa can very well personify her nation, her Patria!

That is how I see it. I have come to realize that all the women I’ve written about in my blog, apart from the qualities which have made me admire them, are also very beautiful.  Marketa is the most remarkable young woman I’ve met. Possessed of  a keen intelligence,  a seriousness and responsibility in all she does professionally, with wisdom and force of decision, all of which is manifested with common sense and feminine grace,with an elegance of body and motion, makes be believe that she may have been born in the wrong age.

I have said this before on my blog, the world crisis which we currently feel  has ideological origins, not economic.  The world crisis is not an actual state of crisis, but rather a tantrum  generated by too many pieces of paper with “Masters Degree” ! We no longer select what is needed, for the comfort inherent in modern society has left us devoid of sense.                                                                         Tragically, if there us one which has suffered the most, it is the sense of Value.


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