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Previzionarea este imaginarea unui parcurs, in conditii ideale, de desfasurare a tuturor evenimentelor, de orice natura, implicate in acest parcurs, ce are ca scop realizarea obiectivului propus. Ea tine cont de : resurse initiale,resurse necesare, resurse potentiale, drumuri posibile de urmat, CONDITII impuse (de orice natura), obiective si termene intermediare, obiectiv final !
Forecasting is the imagining of a course, in ideal conditions, of how all events , of any type, involved in this course unfold, whose purpose is the realization of a proposed objective.  It depends on: initial resources, necessary resources, potential resources, possible paths to take, imposed Conditions (of any type), intermediary terms and objectives, final objective!

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Outside success

“Success on the outside begins with success on the inside.” (From page 125 of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”)                                                                                                       Robin Sharma

In my opinion not existi outside success! What we identify as ¨ outside success ¨ is just a perception! There are only ¨success¨ or not!